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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making the List and Checking it Twice

Even though Mom can make lists with the best of them, itemizing New Year's Resolutions has never been a priority. Basically, she says the same thing every year, "My goal is to get better with people's names" (thank goodness Shuga D excels at this and remains trusty back-up).

But every Christmas, Mom finds herself making holiday resolutions - goals (or wishful thinking) she wishes she was taking time to accomplish amongst the holiday madness. Here are a few of them:

1. Finish Christmas shopping by September; credit card debt accumulated paid off by December, hence, "No debt": the greatest gift of all.

2. Presents wrapped as they are purchased, instead of sitting on the floor and doing it all at once until the back aches and sore shoulders set in (is Mom getting old?).

3. Learn to bake something. Mom has never been one to bake - she made her first batch of cookies in her late twenties and hasn't done it again since. Ginger snaps and bleu cheese straws are on her wish list. Even chocolate-covered potato chips would be fun to make and give-away . . . how hard could it be?

4. Make the time to watch a feel-good holiday movie or musical, live theatre, dance or all of the above.

5. Stop. Drop. And enjoy the holidays. Maybe with some hot chocolate or spiked eggnog on a silent night in front of a glowing tree. Or dinner with just a few of us, enjoying friendship amongst a fine meal.

Maybe, just maybe, Mom is coming closer to achieving her holiday goals this year.
The stockings and mistletoe are hung and the halls are decked throughout Candy's Land. Christmas shopping is done (although her credit card is far from it!). She finished wrapping presents last night (and hopes Shuga will massage her shoulders today). Tonight, she is putting on her vintage holiday dress and venturing to the north side of town (gasp!) for a quiet girls' night dinner at Marco Ristorante Italiano. Friday, she'll be quietly, finely dining again in celebration of Shuga D's family milestones at Natalia's. Next week, Mom's employer, the College Hill Alliance, is hosting a free, 3-D screening of Polar Express on Tuesday, Dec. 22, at 7 p.m. (unfortunately, Mom will be too busy getting the word out on it, hosting it and cleaning up after it, that it is doubtful she'll slow down enough to actually enjoy it).

And, lo . . . the angels heard before her, Mom is getting some rare time off. She might try to do something crazy like break out the measuring cups and attempt to bake something!

Stay tuned for more as Mom attempts to find reason in the season. And from our home in Candy's Land to yours, happy holidays from!

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