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Monday, December 7, 2009

Dashing Through the Downtown Glow

This weekend Mom spotted one of her most beloved sites of the season. When she was a little girl, her family (never ones to shy from downtown) always made it a point to drive by the Blair's Furniture Store during their Christmas light cruise and look wide-eyed at the storefront displays which were lit up and decorated with animated boy and girl dolls celebrating the various scenes of Christmas. For Mom, it was mesmerizing. And the most magical of them all was the sleigh-dashing white horse, turning his head from side to side, en route with a couple of fetching carolers.

These days, you have to look hard to see Blair's holiday displays. But they are still there. Your best bet is from the sidewalk on Cherry Street, where Mom found them as she made her way out of the Hummingbird (or Lemongrass, Dolce Vita, Jack and Coat or Killian's).

But no matter that the display isn't as grand as it used to be, that old white horse still works, and when it turns its head to Mom, she can't help but go back to a time of being snuggled in the backseat with her little sister with matching flannel nighties, Ruby's crochet blanket on their laps and sugarplums dancing in their heads.

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