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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Grand Dame of Southern Rock Opens Her Doors

This weekend was such a busy one for Candy's Land that we are still catching up on the festivities. Among the highlights was the grand opening of the Allman Brothers Band Museum at the Big House.

Mom says the museum is so amazing that it she needs to let the Big House speak for her self. The walls truly talk - not just with relics, but with music and love most definitely in the air.

She had never been upstairs in the Big House until last Friday night, and when she entered Duane's bedroom, she experienced only what she's heard about . . . which she didn't understand until then. She just felt something. And it brought tears to her eyes.

Then she turned the corner and saw a picture of her late uncle Phil among the relics, and those tears in her eyes began to spill over. There were a lot of people who deserved to be at the Big House this past Friday night, but instead of looking at it from the inside, they were looking down from above.

Rock and roll was never meant to be fair. It takes the greatest prophets, poets and painters way too soon. But what it leaves behind . . . what they leave behind are their stories. Whether they decorate the walls of a museum, channel from speakers or linger as a melody in our heads - and our hearts - proves that even though they go too soon, their roads really do go on forever.

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