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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Few of Our Favorite Things

The last thing Mom wants to do is use this blog to brag. Instead, consider this entry a mass thank-you letter. Christmas this year was definitely among the best because . . .

A) Christmas day was easily divided between brunch and dinner with Mom and Shuga's families - and they live within a 10 mile radius.

B) There was a lot of thought, heart and soul found underneath the tree this year.

The best gift from Mom's Mom was the offering to make Christmas easy. That meant no obligation to return to the road after Mom's journey to their Tennessee home over Thanksgiving. Her gift from Mom was a visit to Macon early, a girls-only shopping trip for a "tough-looking" outfit where a pair of black Frye boots were bargain-scored and very little wrapping paper was required. Instead, it was an exchange of the shopping bag or box it arrived in, followed by a big hug and promise to see each other (and Mom's brother and Saint-of-a-Stepdad) soon in the early New Year. Thank you Mom's Mom for setting the pace to a carefree Christmas.

Santa definitely made a stop at the "other JWs'" home between the never-ending stocking and the just-right gifts like the pictured Low Country Luxe "Sugah" soy candle from Macon's Jeffrey Michael's. Shuga D is the type of guy who will give you the coat off his back, and he must get it from his mama. It takes a pretty amazing woman to give you the purse off of her shoulder . . . especially a brand new bag fresh from the Macon boutique Isabella's. Just a couple of days ago, Mom was drooling at SMJ's hot red purse as she drooled over duck with black cherry sauce at dinner. It was offered to her then, but Mom, being her best Southern belle "couldn't possibly" take it right then and there. But she had no problem unwrapping it as a gift on Christmas morning. She declares that every time she carries it, she not only thinks of SMJ's sweet act of kindness, but the dinner occasion when she fell in love with the bag - Shuga's parents' 40th anniversary.
Thank you to Shuga Mama and Papa Jean and Jimmy for making Mom feel like a kid on Christmas morning again.

Papa Walden proved once again his fine taste in women . . . and women's clothing. Afraid of reliving the "Lenox Christmas" nightmare of Mom's junior high conformity angst, where her dad put a lot of effort into picking out the perfect outfits and accessories only to have his daughter well-up with tears because it wasn't from the Gap, Papa Walden held his breath as his oldest, and relatively clothing conservative, child opened her gifts . . . and squealed with delight. The diversity of the wardrobe - and it was definitely enough to stock a closet - was impressive. And although Mom was the most impressed with the blouses that nailed her style on the head, her favorite was the super-slinky, blush-inducing LBD that her thoughtful father advised her to wear with "high, high heels." Just the fact that her dad has that much faith in her figure to carry it off, makes a daughter proud. Hopefully, there will be a Terrell Sandefur party or any other reason to wear a wig that will give her the incognito courage to actually wear it! Thank you Papa Walden for taking the chance on hand-picking your daughters clothes again.

So just what was Mom's biggest unveil? She hears her expression was priceless when she walked into the "other JWs'" living room on Christmas morn and found a bike with a big red bow waiting for her under the tree. That sneaky Shuga D had his former Folley Beach cruiser made over for Mom and me, complete with pink basket and pink bell, for pedaling around the College Hill Corridor. Not only does the bike share some miles of Shuga's history, but that's it, the actual bike, pictured above in a real deal photo shoot for the "Putumayor Paris" catalog. Mom is already talking about taking it to to Kroger today and buying a baguette, just for the heck of it. I have a feeling you're going to be seeing a lot of me riding shotgun in the pink basket in downtown Macon. Thank you to our sweet Shuga for the element of surprise and for restoring Mom's new treasure.

And speaking of speaking - rather, feeling - Parisian, un petite package from chere Aunt Fran warmed Mom's heart to the point of happy tears: an authentic "vintage" map of Paris from the 30s/40s and an antique French prayer book that immediately opened to "La Nativite" and still has that familiar church smell. Thank you Aunt Fran
and your DNA for just knowing what will get Mom every time.

Other favorites in the precious gifts department include the home-knitted, "gender-neutral" scarf from Super Mom SGM. Cousin Amantha gave Mom a collection of Maile Meloy short stories. And Uncle Higgy gave Mom the pre-"Sex and the City" novella Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York, that Mom is surely to enjoy. Thank you friends for giving the gift of time, for finding (or creating) the little things that fit just right.

And that is just a little sampling of the raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens that made Christmas in Candy's Land, merry and bright.

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