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Monday, August 3, 2009

Night Owls Unite!

I’ve never been one to shy from the spotlight, but I’m not afraid of the dark, either. They say there are some dogs that tuck their tail and run. I’m the kind of gal that grabs a big stick and runs after it. Don’t let my size fool you. Still, even with four dogs and a whole lotta barking in Candy’s Land, Mom likes to play it safe. She’s a fan or porch lights – of the eco-friendly variety, of course – and as much as she likes to conserve energy, she takes a cue from Motel 6 and likes to leave a light on. It just happens to have a pink poodle vintage lampshade.

So Tuesday, August 4 is National Night Out, and neighborhoods across the country are hosting special events to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness, strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships and send a message to criminals that neighbors are looking out for each other.

Well, the Candyland crew that we are, we’ll be splitting out time between several ‘hoods. There will be a 5:30 rally at City Hall, followed by a downtown neighborhood celebration, sponsored by CityWatch, on the top level of the parking garage at 475 Poplar Street. Participants are encouraged to bring picnic baskets and enjoy live hip-hop music by Jowin and Al K!ng of Random Family Records, face painting, bouncy castles for the kids (just don’t bounce too far!) and good ol’ downtown unity. Parking for the event will be available on the first two levels of the parking garage.

We’re also going to try to get in on the Pet Parade that goes from City Hall to Tattnall Square Park. At the park, there is going to be live music by the Whittles and the Barrel House Ballers, $1 food and drink specials by Francar’s and Jittery Joe’s, activities for the kids (including FBI fingerprinting) and a flick on the outdoor movie screen.

All of the National Night Out activities will be in full swing in neighborhoods across the community (including Corbin Aven in the Vineville Historic District) by 6:30 p.m. Even if you don’t want to get out, you can still participate by leaving your front door lights on for the evening and “light up the night.”

And for those of you potential perps out there, you’ve been warned. Don’t make me go McGruff on your hide and take a bite out of crime.

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