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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Friday's Gonna Make You Pant

Paper fan in sweaty hands

Shooing flies away

Reflections on a porch

A shelter from the scorch

When dog days come around . . .

-Atlanta Rhythm Section’s “Dog Days”

Forget the fan. Get off the porch. What better shelter from the scorch than our own downtown Macon? Everyone is getting in on the dog days of summer. Even First Friday. In keeping with theme, First Friday will host Dog Days of Summer featuring AC Pup, mascot of the Macon Animal Control and Central Georgia CARES. Not only will downtown Macon be alive with music, art exhibits, shopping, food and more, it will also shed some light on the under- privileged animals looking for homes (like me before I found Mom!). Pets that can be kept on leashes are invited to get in on the action . . . just don’t forget to clean up after us.

Central Georgia CARES Inc will have a kissing booth in front of The 567 CafĂ© at 567 Cherry Street from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. where AC will offer kisses for a small donation. Proceeds collected from AC’s kisses will go towards the purchase of kennel beds for the animals at the shelter. Central Georgia CARES will also have information on animals available for adoption at the City of Macon Animal Control.

You can bet your bottom dollar (donated to CARES, of course) that I will be waiting in line for my kiss with AC. This week alone, AC’s Facebook page reported seven adoptions happening in one day! That is big news when pets are being surrendered in record numbers lately. Visit AC Pup’s page on Facebook so you can see his other furry friends looking for good homes.

Also, the newly opened Second Street Ceramics and Art (362 2nd Street - next to the Mulberry Street Lane and Cox Capitol Theatre) will feature artists' work from the Bragg Jam Arts and Kids' Paint-Out competition. The gallery reception takes place from 5:30 to 8:30 and will welcome guests with wine and appetizers.

And how could I not love another queen named Candy? This First Friday, Candy O’Hara will be putting on a show outside of Club Synergy at 7:30 p.m. I wag my tail to the fine folks of Synergy for pulling back the curtain for the sidewalks of our downtown. There’s still a law in the city books about wearing red high heels on Cherry Street, but that ain’t going to stop the Synergy queens from doing their thing and doing it so much better than those who do it everyday. Work it, ladies. And maybe you’ll succeed in coaxing the scared straight and narrow to open their minds, come inside the downtown dance club and see that drag queens don’t bite . . . that hard.

I hope to see you on the sidewalks. If not, I hope to see you dining in one of downtown’s restaurants, checking out the art at on of the galleries, making a sidewalk sale purchase or going into a venue to hear live music. So, guys and gals, kiss off the law and let those red high heels of yours pound the the pavement of Cherry Street this Friday. Afterall, what good are the dog days if you can't pant in public?

Pictured is the one and only AC Pup - pucker up!


Candy Lou

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