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Monday, January 17, 2011

Pardon our Progress

In addition to a wedding in the works, we're in the midst of moving into our new home, located in the beautiful College Hill Corridor section of downtown Macon. We'll have an official new address by February 1, but until then, we've got one of Jamie's infamous list of action items to complete. We'll soon be saying good-bye to the former bachelor pad on Chestnut Street and move on to the home of our dreams, circa 1873, where we look forward to starting our lives as a married couple. We call our new place The Brick Rose, in honor of the many, many bricks and roses found throughout the property. We hope to have folks over during the wedding weekend, so stay tuned as we make the official move.

Here's to Home,


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  1. Love the Brick Rose. I think it is so much fun to name your home. When Dave and I bought our old home, I so wanted to name it the Gate Key since our last name was Keys and we have our gates installed on the property. Only you know the story and we didn't name it but it's never to late.