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Saturday, January 15, 2011

And the Results Are . . .

Mom could barely sleep on Christmas Eve because she was so excited about opening the results of me and my brother and sister mutts' DNA Insight test results. Since then, Mom and Shuga D are still coming to terms with the results that took them both by complete surprise.

Starting with biological brother and sister mutts Tybee and Bowen - it turns out the two weren't as biological as we thought! Although they both shared the same litter, from the same mama, they had different daddies! Mama may have been an English Spaniel mix, but for Bowen, daddy was a Chow and Alaskan Malmute Mix - which describes his uncontrollable desire to "mush!" during Macon's recent sleet storm. Tybee, on the other hand, who is significantly smaller (and smarter, just sayin') than her big brother, turns out had a daddy who jumped the fence and was a full-blooded Beagle!

And me . . . Candy Lou. Remember how we've claimed right here in Candy's Land that I was a Papillon / Chihuahua mix? Well, there may be some of that, but most of it wasn't significant enough to show up in my test results. Although I do have a strong full-blooded Chihuahua genealogy that traces back to my great-grandparents, I am also . . . wait for it . . . half Yorkshire Terrier!! Yep, I'm a product of the designer mutt fad of recent years. Someone probably paid top dollar for me as a "Chorkie" before someone else turned me over to the City of Macon Animal Shelter as an inmate. Mom and Shuga were so surprised by my DNA, but it didn't change a thing in the way that they absolutely adore me.

And for the most shocking results -- dear ol' Miss Kitty. Mom saved the best for last. She figured the results would be either chocked full of all breeds imaginable or inconclusive because Kitty is just one of a kind. Neither happened. In fact, Miss Kitty, the oddball, striped mutt who raised a littler of kittens, had the cleanest DNA of us all. She is a 50/50 split between two different purebreds who must have disappointed their pure heritage that goes all the way to great-great grandparents. When they procreated and created the wonder that is Kitty, they proved that a CHIHUAHUA and a JACK RUSSELL can make the most laid-back, brindle antithesis of what they both are.

And there you have it. Now, remember, we're completely convinced that little Boz Waggs is exactly what he says he is as a long-haired Chihuahua, so we didn't test his DNA. But now that we know what breeds make up our beautiful family, the wonders of adopting continue to amaze us. Our crew - consisting of English Spaniels, Alaskan Malmutes, Beagles, Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russells and lotsa Chihuahuas - has proved how awesome it is to adopt and not shop!

Check out our mixed-bag family at its finest as we learned the news of Mom and Shuga's engagement filmed by our fabulous dog-sitter Auntie Nadia!

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