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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who's Yo Daddy??

Welcome to the holiday season here in Candy's Land. It was two years ago this week that Mom and Shuga D adopted me home from Heart of Georgia Humane Society and brought each of us joy like never before.

This Christmas is busier than ever. Mom and Shuga D bought the house of their dreams (in the College Hill Corridor, of course), so we are beginning the moving process during their seasonal time off. On top of that, Mom and Shuga are stealing away for a few days this week to celebrate Shuga's birthday in the Big Apple.

So, 'tis the season to save some money. Mom and Shuga have selected gifts that celebrate the mixed-breed family that we are.

That's right, they are giving each other DNA tests - on us!

Now we know there is a good chance I have some Chihuahua and Papillon in my family tree. But Mom also questions my rat terrier tendencies. Then there is Tybee and Bowen, both from the same litter, but we all wonder if they are from the same planet. And finally, there is dear, sweet, good ol' Miss Kitty. There is no idea where to begin on her origins. Even her name makes things confusing.

Little brother Boz Waggs has been spared from the mouth swab we were all required to submit (see the pic of me and Shuga D!). Even though he was the latest sprung from the City of Macon Animal Shelter, he's a tried and true long-haired Chihuahua, with a serious sweet side.

Mom and Shuga are submitting our DNA via Mars Veterinary. They offer a Wisdom Panel Insights "mixed breed DNA test." The results should be available in the next few weeks. We can hardly wait to find out who are daddies (and mamas) are . . . those sly dogs.

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