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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Funny Stuff My Dad Says

Many know that Mom's Pop is a retiree of the rock and roll industry and these days spends time with life in the slow boat in Bolingbroke. Instead of managing Southern Rockers and songs like "Freebird," he's happy tending to his free-ranging chickens.

There is no argument against farm-fresh, organic eggs. Mom loves it when her Pop passes her along a dozen, straight out from under his precious hens. But today Mom got more than she bargained for when cracking a few to poach . . . We'll spare you the details and keep the picture cute.

And the email to follow definitely made it funny:

Subject: No Extra Charge for the Meat!!

Sometimes a hen will push an egg down under the straw and it surfaces later on. After giving it some though,t I remembered I got two eggs that I thought had been laid on the ground.... Anyway, I won't charge you any extra........Be glad it had a baby and not just rotten.... Did you open it into a dish with the others? I have always told every one to use two dishes so if you get a bad one it will not go into the " keep " dish...... Love, Dad


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