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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Recap: Milestones, Homegrowns and Second Sunday at Sundown

What a weekend it's been in Candy's Land. First and foremost, it's time for celebration. It was one year ago this past weekend, that Shuga D asked Mom to go to a Tom Petty concert and the two of them have been rocking and rolling ever since. They did their own sweet things to celebrate, and among them were a rose on her pillow and some of the most beautiful, brightest and practically ultraviolet Gerbera Daisies she's ever seen. Thanks to Shuga D's mama for helping Mom on her own reveal . . . which included side-by-side baby pics of the lovebirds when they were both teething their two front teeth. He's eating a popsicle and Mom, well, she's sucking on an onion bulb (you know the one we're talking about, Aunt Fran!).

On Saturday, Mom and Shuga D applauded another mileston. Downtown's favorite renaissance man Tony Long turned 70. They were there for his surprise party at the Cox Capitol Theatre, which has been officially dedicated to him. If it hasn't been for Tony's vision, passion and the ability to bust balls, downtown Macon would not be anywhere near where it is today!

Finally, Mom was able to buy local and organic this weekend at Macon's City Market on the Green - tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peaches and basil were among her purchases. They will be mostly consumed this evening at Washington Park, where Second Sunday Gospel Brunch has been moved for now to 6 p.m. to beat the heat. The sundown show will feature the Holy Ghost Tent Revival.

If all of that doesn't say amen, then you aren't sitting in the right pew. Shout out to those who get out and give our city some love!

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