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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up the River with a Paddle

There are some community attractions that us locals just don’t appreciate enough, and I happen to think a river runs through them. Take Mom, for example. Born and raised in Macon, the great Ocmulgee River has flowed practically parallel to her entire life. But sadly, she can count on her fingers the times she even took the time to stick a toe in its friendly waters.

Well, the current is changing. Two weeks ago she and Shuga D went on their first kayaking adventure, and Mom fell in love with the float. So, when Supermom (Sarah Gerwig-Moore) called her yesterday and asked if they were up for another trip, she and Shuga D were ready and waiting at the river banks.

For brothers Brian and Stephen Adams, it was the maiden voyage of their new business Ocmulgee Expeditions, a kayak and canoe outfit where you can book your own river adventure with their gear, guidance and put in/pick up transport. Because of the iffy weather (Waterworks won’t open when it’s cloudy – and probably should review that policy), yesterday’s expedition took place from Dame’s to Pope’s Ferry.

Ocmulgee Expeditions has a fleet of kayaks, canoes, tubes, paddles and life vests. They also have a bus for group transports. Basically, all you have to do is show up in your h20-friendly attire and sunscreen, and they take care of the rest.

The open-for-business official expeditions will begin the first weekend in June. Many of the trips will be from Waters Works to Spring Street and longer journeys from Pope’s Ferry to Water Works. If all goes well, Ocmulgee Expeditions would eventually like to offer trips through Bond Swamp (in the winter, although right now is limited to canoeing when hunting) and Walnut Creek (when the water is up).

If Mom could have bottled the fun they had yesterday, then that bottle was sure to be filled with Ocmulgee water. With a group that included the entire Gerwig-Moore family, Brad and Meagan Evans and Leslie and Mark Strozier, Ocmulgee Expeditions has already created some lasting memories, as well as a ripple effect among fun-seekers who have heard yesterday’s stories. Mom’s favorite moment was making it through the rough waters of Dames Ferry without woman-over-boarding. Shuga’s favorite moment was her facial expression when she realized there was no turning back!

Ocmulgee Expeditions will have their site afloat shortly. They are currently taking reservations for expeditions by calling 478.757.8226.

Thanks to Brainstorm Lab’s Mark Strozier for the photo!

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