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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look Ma! No Cone!

Oh happy day! Per doctor's orders, the cone came off this week, and life has quickly come back to normal in Candy's Land. In fact, Mom just came home from church and found where I left off two months ago in my attempt to pull all the stuffing out of my sister mutt Kitty's dog bed. Yep, I've resumed my role as her aggravating little sister, and she seems very glad to have me to playfight with again, sans the big piece of plastic getting in all of our ways.

We officially celebrated my full recovery yesterday at Macon's dog park, and I am looking forward to making the rounds again with Mom soon with my return to the public eye.

On behalf of all of us in Candy's Land, Mom and Shuga D want to especially thank the fine folks at Hudspeth Animal Hospital on Pio Nono Avenue. Although I am not going to miss my weekly visits as much as the staff is going to miss me, there is no doubt the emergency care and post-trauma treatment I received from Dr. Hudspeth, Dr. Giles, Gene (thanks for the boiled chicken!), Gayle and the rest of the medical team is the reason I am here today. Dr. Hudspeth called my recovery "nothing short of remarkable," citing my injuries as some of the worse he's seen in his veteran veteranarian career. I've got the scars to prove it, but I also still have four functioning paws and legs, and the hit-and-run nightmare is finally a part of our past. If anyone doubts a dog's will to live, then come and knock on my door and let Mom tell you my story of survival.

As if you can't tell by my tail wagging in this video.

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