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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

Several years ago, Mom was a novice editor working out of the 11th Hour’s original office on Cotton Avenue. Just beginning to cut her writing chops on CD reviews, Mom came across a jazz recording of Mark Brooker, a new guy in town trying to earn a name for himself in the local live music scene, which barely existed at the time.

Mom liked the CD enough to not only give it a glowing review, but she cleared her calendar to catch a performance of the new Macon crooner at the now defunct Jazzplex (RIP). After the review published, a bouquet of gorgeous Gerbera Daisies arrived at her office door. Not only had Mom become a fan of Mark Brooker, but she had made a new friend.

Fast forward to several years of laughter, tears, drink clinks, and as Al Green sings, times that are “good and bad, happy or sad,” Mom remains one of Mark B’s biggest believers. She can only imagine the look on her face when Mark told her he got a job in Phoenix and would be leaving town. Not only will there be a huge void in Macon’s music scene, but no one can hold a fashion candle to this sharp-dressed man!

But Mark’s leaving Mom with some memories. Dancing at her eighties prom birthday party together . . . The infamous chair jump at the MAGA ’08 afterparty . . . actually, she doesn’t remember it, but there is proof in the picture (and thank goodness Mark caught her!) . . . Strutting the runway together at the Cherry Blossom Fashion Show . . . Maceo Parker on Shuga D’s back porch during Falcons season . . . Watching the Crooner swoon when Honey Shot entered the picture . . . Going into the Mayor’s office together and jamming out to “Macon (It’s Good Enough for Me)” and leaving City Hall with a smile.

Tonight, Mom will say farewell (for now) to her dear friend. And she hopes you plan to be there to sing along.

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Mark and his music! Heaven knows how many martinis and glasses of wine I've nursed listening to him croon! He was a treasure we got to share and he will be missed!