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Saturday, May 31, 2014

A New Era

After three years of marriage, the launch of our little tour company and a number of of life's curve balls and home runs, we're now just a matter of weeks away from entering the mysterious world of parenthood. By the end of June, Jamie and I will welcome our baby boy and begin a new chapter in our story that began in our cherished town of Macon, Georgia. 

Macon Candy journeyed with us through our courtship through the eyes of our dog Candy Lou (who is doing just as fine as ever!), walked down the aisle with us as we prepared for our wedding day, and now, it's time for yet another change, where I'll be chronicling my journey into motherhood - working motherhood - and what I am learning with an open heart and wide-eyed wonder along the way.

Here we are in 2014. Thanks to photographer Kristin Kohanna for capturing this special maternity shoot we took along a favorite childhood location of mine. 

When I was around 10-years-old, I rode my pony along this dirt road in Round Oak, Georgia, where my dad once owned a log cabin adjacent to the Big O Ranch. He purchased the cabin when co-managing Otis Redding in the sixties. Otis and his family lived on the sprawling ranch next door, where they still live today. It was on this dirt road that my father and Otis were able to be the black and white best friends they were without having the cloud of segregation hanging over. It was here they rode horses, fished, hunted and were they could be the uninterrupted country boys their hearts so desired. My dad sold his cabin after Otis' death, but he later returned, where he rented the property so his children could experience the special place the Reddings and the Waldens once wandered. 

I still love this cherished stretch of dirt road in Jones County, about 30 minutes outside of our Downtown Macon home. There were moments during this shoot where Jamie and I traced my childhood steps, and I was overwhelmed with the same sounds, scents and special memories that I can't wait to share with my son.

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