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Monday, February 8, 2010

Spend a Sunday with Your Sweetie . . .

Or just you and all your single ladies, friends with benefits and/or bro-hams. Mom and the College Hill crew are at it again. This time Second Sunday is going to have a Valentine's twist, considering it falls on cupid's (and Hallmark's) favorite calendar day.

Second Sunday Brunch starts at noon and will feature the reunion of Mark Brooker with the Soul Proprietors. Mark, one of Mom's favorite peeps, who she has mentioned here before, is coming back from Long Beach, California just for this Second Sunday performance. The event is free. Bring a picnic or buy one on site. The event will most likely be held in the Armory Ballroom, but in case of a warm snap, we'll be in Washington Park.

Then, that same day, when the sun starts to set, College Hill will host a free movie screening of "Dirty Dancing" at the Armory Ballroom, followed by an encore set from Mark before we ship the Crooner back to Cali. Same set up as Second Sunday - decorate your table and get there early because College Hill has a special, ultra-cute sippy gift for all of the early lovebirds.

Don't forget, both events are free. How's that for a cheap and easy date?

If you want to know more, shoot Mom an email at Tell her Candy sent you.

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