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Friday, January 15, 2010

Funny Stuff My Dad Says

We've all seen the Twitter page for "Sh*t My Dad Says" and love it. Mom has decided that she is going to follow suit, and recap some of her own dad-inducing moments that bring a smile to her face.

It begins with an email this morning, challenging her and Shuga D to another badminton re-match. Just to recap, Mom and Shuga suffered a devastating loss to her father and nine-year-old brother on Christmas day, when they not only kicked their booties in the Walden tradition of badminton, but Shuga may have actually cracked a rib or two in the effort. He is still hurting!

Here was the email this morning:

Subject: Are you two ready for another whippin in Badminton'?

J & J,

I will tell Christian to take it easy on you guys and I will play left handed to give YALL a chance!! He he the arubs say......


Dad a/k/a Alan

Alan Walden

2003 Inductee, Georgia Music Hall Of Fame

By the way, check out this shirt that Pop Walden should surely get for Father's Day!

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