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Monday, November 3, 2014

And So it Begins - the Season of Firsts!

The minute he arrived, I started hearing it from everyone. I still hear it on a daily basis. And now I am most definitely a believer: It goes by so fast.

How do I have this laughing, smiling, interacting, wonder-filled, four-month-old baby boy? Last week, on October 28, exactly four months since he arrived in this world, he proved he was ready for more by doing this first ever full, roll-over. I was so grateful to be home that day and witnessed his determined heave-ho that landed with a satisfied smile. The video is on my Instagram if you want to see crazy cuteness in action.

It was also our first big holiday - Halloween! Being newbies at this, family costume discussions had been taking place before his umbilical chord stump fell off. At some point in the blur of co-parenting a newborn, Jamie referred to him as our little Boss Hogg. You know, the demanding, bald, baby-ish character from "Dukes of Hazzard" who kept Bo and Luke Duke on the run? Boss Hogg started to stick. And next thing you know, we had a family Halloween plan in the making.

Meet our baby Boss Hogg, along with the Duke boys - Bo (Jamie) and Luke (Jessica). We even gave out bubblegum cigars!

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