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Sunday, July 20, 2014

What Not to Say to Pregnant Women - The Video

Remember my previous post rant about the annoying things people say to pregnant women? Well, thanks again to my filmmaker buds Tabitha and Stephanie, I gathered a group of pregnant girlfriends together and filmed our own version of "Sh#t People Say," which included our own creative call and response. Thanks to the baby mamas who were good sports about filming this with us - Lauren Morrill Ragusea, Betsy Fitzgerald and Heather Knowles. Watch, laugh, take heed and be warned.  

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  1. i still ain't figured out, how every time i see the word BLOG, my name is there?...and JESSICA & ALAN are FB FRYNDS~!! so i watched this video & bout had a fitt? i was crackin up laughin so hard i couldn't catch my breath? i got 2,665 FRYNDS to share with*****luvit thanks gals