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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Macon My Way Back to You, Babes

So, summer's been a good one here in Candy's Land. Bragg Jam played hard and the hard work paid off. Mom and Shuga D celebrated another year, another memory with their own jam, of the mountain variety, at their favorite cabin retreat. They chased water falls, discovered rock slides and conquered the rocks and rapids of the Chattooga -- Mom's first time white water rafting!

The summer was beach time, lake time, river time, mountain time and busy time, but more than anything, it's been a we time . . . there's even been a couple of those moments were Mom and Shuga were like H.I. and Ed in Raising Arizona, holding hands across a couple of lounge chairs (or in their case, floats in the hot tub turned cold tub) and relishing the "salad days."

I still can't promise much - our lives are crazier than ever - but Candy Lou has definitely missed you.

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