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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yet Another Brunch Option for Downtown Macon!

Let's say Mom was on death row and they were taking orders for the last meal. What would it be? Well, let's just say you'd probably think you need to ditch the last rights from the Methodist Minister and call in a Rabbi. Bagels and lox wins every single time.

Brunch is a big deal for Mom. It's not just a meal, it's a method. It ain't brunch to her unless you have a few of the following elements: a) Bloody Mary or Mimosa Menu; b) Eggs Benedict of Some Fashion; c) Lox . . . lots of Lox.

The Rookery can quickly answer all of the above. Dolce Vita can brag about their Sunday Brunch bloody mary bar. And now the Thai force known as Lemongrass can join the buttresses of downtown Sunday brunch dining with a menu that makes her weep for the weekend. Can we say slow, home-cooked hash? How about Crab Cakes? And what about the Smoked Salmon Benedict? You've got it . . . lox piled high on the precision-poached egg with English muffin and decadent sauce in check. Mom's mouth barely made room for her $5 Mimosa. Did I mention the potato pancake side? It's thicker than a latke but layers the Yiddish yum on thick.

We're convinced that the tradition known as Sunday Brunch may be the saving grace of Downtown Macon. Rookery, Dolce Vita and Lemongrass - keep it up. We're not the only ones hungry for more.

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