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Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Been Too Long

Mom is finally coming up for some air after feeling like the last couple of weeks have been some kind of surreal, under the sea experience where she could see the sun, but couldn't seem to reach the surface. Between changing jobs and dealing with whatever nasty cold is floating around, she is just now finding her way and catching her breath. But don't get me wrong - she surfaced with a big smile on her face. One week down and she is loving her new career with the College Hill Corridor, and now that Candy's Land is catching up, she couldn't be happier.

During the transition, she and Shuga D managed a little get-away to Atlanta. For Mom, Atlanta is where it began for her. It's where she came out of her shell as an extremely shy girl with 14 years of sheltered private school life to undo. For whatever reason, it was Atlanta where Mom immersed and accepted herself as a small fish in a big city pond and ultimately, became more confident than ever. Between answering the phones at Capricorn, attending Georgia State's urban campus, studying abroad in Paris, working for a marketing company where she drove a Cadillac into Phipps Plaza and weaving her way around social circles throughout the radius of the Perimeter, Atlanta was an amazing awakening for her. It's where Mom became Mom. And to this day, when she drives through the downtown connector, she can't help but smile.

So, Mom and Shuga celebrated the new career back where it all began. They stayed at Buckhead's swank W. They ate and drank their way around margaritas and lobster tacos at Nuevo Laredo Cantina (Mom's all-time favorite restaurant), bellinis and Mediterranean tapas at Lola's, mojitos and rooftop view at Whiskey Blue, martinis and oddities at Dante's Down the Hatch, spiked thyme lemonade back at the W, brunch and hot tea at Flying Biscuit and Fruity Pebbled frozen yogurt at Buckhead's own version of a Pinkberry (not sure the name). They spent the rest of their rainy-afternooned Sunday staying dry at the Georgia Aquarium.

So in honor of Mom's new post, that all began during her college days in Atlanta when she realized she was small fish in a big pond, and even though there were plenty of fish in the sea, she would still swim with and against the current to make a splash one way or another . . . here's a little video.

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